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Woodbridge Retina Doctor

Woodbridge Retina Doctor

Your eyes deserve the best possible care that you can get for them, but your retinas are a key part of your eyes, and as such benefit most from the expertise of a specialist. That’s what we are here at The Retina Group of Washington. You can count on the most effective diagnosis and treatment from highly qualified medical doctors and eye surgeons, all of whom have made diseases, conditions, and injuries of the retina their life’s work. It is what is unique about our practice, and what sets us about from other eye professionals.

When you have had standard eye exams, how often can you recall your retinas being discussed? Well, there’s no reason to unless there is a problem. Where light entering your eye lands on your retina when it is directed there from the cornea does determine how well you see at various distances, but that is a function of the cornea, which is how such instances are treated. Unless you have been unfortunate enough to have a retinal problem specifically, there would no need to talk about it. However, for diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, you should consult with our Woodbridge retina doctor for expert diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. You will find that our office is fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment, which is all part of our total commitment. When it comes to injuries that need surgery, such as when your retina becomes torn or detached, rest easy knowing that our Woodbridge retina doctor is skilled in performing the needed procedures, most of which are done on an outpatient basis, and many at our facilities.

When it comes to advanced testing, accurate diagnostics, and outstanding care, there is no need for anyone else but our Woodbridge retina doctor. Call our office to schedule an appointment for an examination and consultation.

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