Pediatric Retina Specialist Woodbridge

Pediatric Retina Care in Woodbridge

Pediatric Retina Specialist Woodbridge

Pediatric Retina Specialist Woodbridge

Retina care is our specialty at The Retina Group of Washington. Our pediatric retina specialist Woodbridge handles all aspects of retinal treatment and surgeries. We are one of the top retinal centers in the country. Pediatric retinal care is important, and often we see cases where our patients have experienced something like retinal detachment.

Retinal detachment happens when the retina detaches by being lifted or pulled off its normal position. When it is left untreated, it can cause vision loss. The retina can become detached by separating from the back wall of the eye and is no longer connected to crucial cells that are critical for the health of the retina. If it remains detached it can lose the ability to function. Our pediatric retina specialist Woodbridge can tell you more about this problem and how it can be treated by setting an appointment for your child if needed. Untreated, retinal detachment can result in loss of central vision. It can occur at any age, but is most likely to be found in those over the age of 40, children who have myopia, those who have suffered a retinal detachment in the other eye, or who have a family history. Also those who have had cataract surgery are at risk.

Symptoms of retinal detachment include an increase in floaters, which are specks that float in the field of vision and light flashes in the eye. Patients may also experience a dark curtain over their vision. If any of these are experienced it should be considered a medical emergency. Patients should call our pediatric retina specialist in Woodbridge immediately. Retinal tears are treated with laser surgery, which treats spots around the tear to create a seal, and cryopexy, which freezes an area around the tear to seal the break.

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