Woodbridge Retina Office

The human eye has often been compared to the lens of a camera but although they both perform similar functions our eye is actually far more complex relying on the smooth integration of many different parts to produce a recognizable image. A large component of producing this image is the focusing of the light coming into the eye, a feat accomplished by the retina a sheet of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye. The Woodbridge retina office of The Retina Group of Washington is available to diagnose and treat whatever problems arise with the delicate component parts of the eye.

Our Woodbridge retina office offers many types of treatment and therapy options for both adults and children depending on the diagnosis of each case. Our office is equipped with the latest diagnostic technology including digital image mapping that photographs the eye’s workings to help our doctors accurately assess the problem as well as laser technology to offer our patients the most innovative treatment options. Unfortunately, the retina is susceptible to injury as well as to many serious eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration among others that can lead to irreversible vision loss if not treated in a timely fashion.

Our Woodbridge retina office is a leader in developing new and innovative detection techniques and treatment options. Our practice has a long and highly successful history of conducting and participating in cutting edge research helping to minimize the effects of diseases of the retina. The steps to having a healthy retina begin with a comprehensive eye examination on an annual basis even when all seems well to the patient. Whenever the patient is experiencing a problem it is imperative that they call our office to meet with one of our doctors as soon as possible, time is an important factor is controlling and treating problems with the retina, so the sooner a patient is seen the better the chances for continued clear vision. Many conditions only require simple monitoring of medications to control but others need advanced measures such as laser surgery or even conventional to treat. Call our office as soon as any vision problem arises.

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