Eye Trauma Can Pose a Risk to Your Vision

Accidents are a part of life and when they happen, they can cause all manner of bodily harm. When the eye is suddenly hit, the trauma from the impact and damage that ensues can pose a risk to your vision. At the offices of Retina Group of Washington – Virginia – Woodbridge, our highly skilled and compassionate staff will work to ease your pain, evaluate the condition of your eye, and effectively treat the damage caused to it.

Trauma can take many forms, varying in severity from minor injury to medical emergencies. It’s important to note that even in cases where trauma seems minor, every eye injury should be given medical attention, especially if you develop any of the following symptoms:
• eye pain
• blurred vision
• cuts to the eyelid
• diminished eye movement
• eye protrusion
• blood in the clear part of the eye
• abnormal pupil size or shape
• a foreign object embedded in the eye

The best way to avoid eye trauma is to take simple precautions. We suggest using protective eyewear while doing things that may put them at risk – such as home repair, yard work, cleaning, cooking, and playing sports. In most cases of injury, people report not properly protecting their eyes – which is an indication of just how important taking the necessary precautions can be.

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