22191 Retina Care

Retina care in 22191

22191 retina care

22191 retina care

A torn retina needs timely care, and here at The Retina Group of Washington, you will have the expert attention of an experienced specialist. Our practice is committed to providing the state-of-the-art in diagnostics and treatment, including surgery.

Your retinas sit at the back of your eyes, where they serve a vital role in your vision. As light enters your eye, your cornea directs it to the retina, without which you would not be able to form an image. A torn retina can become a full detachment if you do not come in for our 22191 retina care. The symptoms for a tear are very similar to those for detachments, so you should not make any assumptions as to the severity of the problem. Among the signs that you have a tear are floaters, which are spots that appear in your field of vision; a shadow on the edges of your vision; and loss of vision to some degree. We advise you to come in as soon as possible, so that our 22191 retina care can determine the nature of your condition. Once a tear has been confirmed, our retina surgeon will discuss your options with you regarding treatment. Surgery is absolutely essential to make the necessary repair, but there is more than one procedure that is used. Fortunately, they all have a high rate of success, by spurring the formation of a scar the leads to the healing of the retina. Surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, with no hospital stay required. As performed by our retina surgeon, it is very safe and highly effective at achieving the desired results.

Your vision depends on a healthy, fully attached retina. Turn to our 22191 retina care to restore optimal wellness to your eyes. Call us right now to set up an appointment for an exam and consultation.

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