Woodbridge ophthalmologist

Woodbridge Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist in Woodbridge

The complexity and functioning of the human eye is sophisticated enough to put the engineering of even the best cameras to shame. Unlike camera lenses, which may be more effective the human eye works despite the fact that unlike a static imaging platform it constantly changes with the environmental conditions, aging and disease. To help the eye cope with changing conditions and to stay in the best shape often takes some assistance form a team of professionals that are expert in caring for the most delicate parts of the eye. Our Woodbridge ophthalmologist at The Retina Group of Washington has the training, technology an experience to help keep the eye functioning at the highest levels.

Our Woodbridge ophthalmologist is part of an extensive team of doctors and highly trained eye care professionals that specialize in detecting and treating abnormalities, injuries and diseases of the retina and surrounding eye structures. Our group consists of 14 state-of-the-art equipped offices in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia and our network of 26 retina specialists as well as hospitals and surgical centers dedicated to improving and often restoring vision to our patients. The vastness of our team of physicians and our facilities truly make our practice unique among retina care specialists in the Washington metro area. Expertise and facilities are just one aspect of what sets us apart our compassionate staff is dedicated to making even what is often a very trying time of coping with vision problems as stress-free as possible.

Our Woodbridge ophthalmologist treats a wide variety of maladies and diseases of the retina and associated eye structures including macular degeneration, retina tears, detachments and holes, diabetic retinopathy, complications of cataracts or glaucoma, ocular trauma, retinitis and chorioretintis, uvetis, Coates disease as well as a large array of other adult and pediatric eye conditions. Our physicians have always lead the way in developing new techniques in combating these eye diseases through our extensive research programs and through the clinics that our practice has started. If you are experiencing vision problems come to our unique retina care practice.

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